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2009-05-09 12:02:04 by g0m

I will have a website soon. That'll be nice.

level 10

2007-08-19 13:31:31 by g0m

I'm on level 10 now yay!

MY page.

2007-07-21 11:17:48 by g0m

I was just thinking how I realised that I can write anything I want here and no-one can stop me. Except God. Or a New-grounds moderator. Or a New-grounds administrater. But they are all great. If any poor soul was to come here I'd love for them to say inane things. They might not want to crap up their own page. No actual news yet. BUM! (tee hee)

New stuff

2007-07-18 10:53:34 by g0m

Made a header and set up an icon for this very page. Yay!